Leofoto Ranger tripods are typically lightweight, compact, good transportable, stable tripods and are built from 10 layer carbon fibers.

All of them are equipped with twist lock leg system. They have an extremely low minimal height, allowing the photographer to go with the camera down to the ground. Normally, they are delivered as a kit with a corresponding ball head from the LH family. The specialist in this family is the LS-284CVL tripod. This model is delivered without a ball head and its tiltable center column causes a restriction in its minimum height. However, the tiltability makes a perfect tripod for macro shooters.

If are you looking for stability, durability and perfect transportability, you are right here. Tripod from the Ranger series is the right one for you.



 min. heightmax. heighttransport sizemax. loadweight
Ranger 223C with LH-25 ball head105 mm380 mm270 mm10 kg (6 kg)0,72 kg
Ranger 224C with LH-25 ball head130 mm1485 mm470 mm6 kg0,91 kg
Ranger 254C with LH-30 ball head140 mm1575 mm520 mm8 kg1,24 kg
Ranger 284C with LH-30 ball head145 mm1580 mm530 mm10 kg1,42 kg
Ranger 284CVL497 mm1550 mm497 mm6 kg1,38 kg
Ranger 324C with LH-40 ball head170 mm1705 mm570 mm15 kg1,93 kg

Leofoto is a brand by Zhongshan Laitu photographic Equipment Co. Ltd, based in Guangdong. The company was founded in 2014 and has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in photographic equipment in China. The company supplies high-quality aluminium and carbon tripods, together with tripod accessories like ball heads, quick release clamps and L-plates, all for a very competitive price. Innovation and quality are Leofoto’s pillars. The factories and test centers are equipped with motivated employees who use their experience and enthusiasm to transform Leofoto tripods and accessories into the best equipment you can get.