Product Details

  • Tilt range: +90°-75
  • Panning base travel: 360°
  • Length: 421mm
  • Width: 180mm
  • Height: 130mm
  • Base diameter: 80mm
  • Max balanced load: 4kg
  • Tripod working height: 1820/1330/860mm
  • Folded length: 880mm


The VT-20 Video head will allow you to create silky smooth motion supported by the high-quality LF-75 Aluminium tripod. The Leofoto VT-20 with the LF-75 kit consists of a video tripod including the liquid head that has been specially developed for modern video filmmakers. This high-quality video tripod is made of aluminum and intended for advanced users and professionals. The tripod comes with the liquid-damped Leofoto VT-20 panning head tripod head. The base plate including tripod head is removable and provided with a separate handle for use ‘from the loose wrist’.